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EOSS is committed to deliver what we promise, when we promise it, and what we deliver will meet the customer's expectations.

With this in mind, the Management has formalized the general objectives that inspire organizational, management and planning decisions as follows:

By achieving these objectives, it is intended to enhance the technical-managerial capacity and orient one's organization towards the demands of an increasingly demanding and constantly evolving market.

Furthermore, in order to make these objectives verifiable and measurable, EOSS defines indicators on which it sets concrete goals through an improvement plan. The specific objectives are defined periodically by the Management and disseminated to all employees. The Management undertakes to provide the necessary technical, economic, and professional resources, so that the quality objectives are fully achieved.

EOSS strives to ensure that the quality policy is understood, implemented, and supported at all levels of the organization, through the awareness and involvement of employees who contribute, each in relation to their skills, to make it operational.

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